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It's Wednesday, April 14; a '5' day, numerologically (flexibility and change); and a 'root' period from now until Saturday afternoon.

I definitely got a strong (internal) sign this morning that compelled a few changes...everything about this day I moved and rescheduled.

Later, this sign showed up. Isn't it too funny?

Can you guess what was in the package?

Live potatoes! For planting. Later.

Apparently, the forecast is calling for snow tonight: 8"-10," according to Brandon.

I hope I don't freeze!

Perhaps this is why I needed to be home finishing some clean-up projects today?

Hmmm. Sometimes I don't know answers until days later...

Anyway, it took a while to regain some equilibrium, so I allowed myself to move a bit slower than usual until I got back in the flow.

This was the next sign. I found it interesting, as I had been discussing energy with Z yesterday...and this little flaming lightning bolt tickled my fancy!

I really do look at all the signs the Universe provides - especially quirky visual ones.

And then there are the signs that Nature provides. The 'live' ones.

As I started mulching, these little guys started popping up everywhere!

I love the Chipmunk message: to "trust that I am well protected;" and also: "be curious and investigate anything of interest that comes my way."

Seems aligned with Gate 41:Left Angle Cross of Limitation

Line 5 - Self-actualization Exaltation: The fulfillment and actualization of purpose as a natural path whose reward is a healthy sense of self, rather than the power and influence that naturally follow. Growth that is self-fulfilling and naturally leads to influence.

What signs are you noticing? How are you interpreting them? Are you able to see how the Universe responds to your request for a 'sign,' if you ask?

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