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It's Tuesday, September 29th. Biodynamically, a flower day.

Right now, it's raining and feels dark and gray.

This makes me doubly happy that I took a break earlier to drink tea and read for a bit outside in the sun.

Which allowed me to admire this lovely Autumn Sedum.

It's hard to believe we are nearly done with this month...and I am just now reminded to share where we are:

Gene Key 18 (Shadow)Judgement – (Gift)Integrity – (Siddhi)Perfection 

Have you been noticing this shadow?

Rudd also shared this:

"One day we will perfect our world. It may well take a period of deep chaos before we get there, because the Shadow must be rooted out and utterly transformed. We humans are the next technology to be developed. All we need is the inspiration and this will happen. We all have these latent higher capacities. There’s a big incarnation coming, and it’s going to open up these pathways of magic, of alchemy, and not just individually, but through the collective....

The most efficient means of organisation comes from being awake, because when we’re awake, we move in harmony with all that is and then we embrace the miraculous".

Are you awake? Are you ready?

Human Design shares this about Gate 18: Gate of Correction; Essential Learning

Work on what has been spoilt The vigilance and determination to uphold and defend basic and fundamental human rights. Dissatisfaction fuels the life-long process of correcting and improving.

I planned my sequence for today:

  • tape

  • prime

  • caulk

  • paint

I wondered if it were possible to mix it up...?

Yes, I suppose.

I am always looking at possibilities for correcting and improving...

Some things need to happen in order, though.

I am attempting to release judgement, which feels out of integrity to me. That also allows me to move into seeing the perfection of everything.

That said, a sequence of judgments seems to be coming down the pike ....and it will be interesting to see who might end up in a correctional facility.

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