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It's Friday, July 31st, and late at night, as I write this - in fact, this day feels like it has lasted forever!

All good, though, because there were some really fascinating insights that showed up.

First, was a reminder that fossils are everywhere...they sometimes look like stones.

My sons and I collected these in South Carolina on the beach in the spring of 2000.

Doesn't it look like a heart? Or a turtle head?

Originally it was a sea creature that eventually became fossilized within its shell -

it used to be a sentient sea creature, millions of years ago. That sentience is still energetically there.

It was fun to show this one to my colleague and explain that it even had paperwork...showing that testing had placed it around 60 million years ago!

Later, I was so grateful Keith came over to verify my was functioning properly and I had not, in fact, accidentally downloaded a virus.

He brought this cute pencil bag - with other inter-species/sentient communication (pictured). Have you ever seen Bigfoot?

I am so grateful that Keith is so fluent in speaking to machines!

As he was speaking to me about my laptop, I felt Steve Jobs in the room. Steve was very frustrated and I could not figure out why.

Over the course of my conversation with Keith, I 'heard' the problem. Steve had created these computers, laptops, iPads, etc.

These machines, too, have a sentience of sorts. Can you believe it?!

From where he is now (beyond the physical), Steve could see how 'intentional security holes in the intel processing was allowing the interface of Artificial Intelligence to manipulate human consciousness through suspect and covert operations.'

I needed Keith to help me translate some of the messages that Steve was trying to get through, as I am not so tech-literate. Steve was very pleased when I figured it out!

This evening, I was able to clear with a small group and confirmed that this tech-issue is much like what happens to humans when we are vaccinated or otherwise experience internally (mentally, emotionally, physically) a 'forced introduction of incompatible foreign entities.'

The picture of what frequencies are getting cleared is more comprehensive. The messages are coming faster and more easily.

Thank goodness for the inter-dimensional/-paradigm translators and receivers! And for all the communication that is able to come through!

What are you picking up on these days? What sentient languages do you speak?

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