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Science Faction Di-star-tions

It's Friday, July 23rd. Numerologically, it's an '8' day (dealing with all kinds of business) and biodynamically, it's a 'fruit' day this morning, and a 'root' day this evening.

It's also a ''Full Moon in Aquarius, which, according to Lena means: "There is freedom being explored and if you can be, think, and act a bit unconventionally, you will harness some of the gift of this moon."

I may have harnessed a bit of the sun this morning, too, when I woke up. The intensity of the energies have been VERY intense this afternoon. How do I balance all of this?

It's taking every skill, tool, talent that I have - and requiring that I reach out with questions (to my Higher Self), insight from friends, and time in nature.

Fortunately I do know what is going on on many levels, so it's perhaps easier to deal with...

...than if I had no clue at all.

After all, who really wants to believe that transhumanism, body-snatching, cloning, alien abductions, cannabalism, etc. is real?

It's enough to propel sane folks over the edge.

This morning, Linda sent a terrific link mentioning H.G. Wells story: The Time Machine. The movie was a bit before my time - and yet, the story is remarkably similar to what is playing out right now.

The other reminder in the article was this bible verse from Matthew 18:18:"Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven."


I'll take that as a reminder that the Clearing that is happening at this (3D/earth) level here IS having an impact in other realms. And those that are working with us from those realms are super grateful!

Today is also the last day of Gate 56: "endless ideas are theme"

Line 6 - Caution Exaltation: The prudence, when linkage has been achieved, to honour its new commitments in order to secure its footing. Honesty in expression. Living by one's word."

In a sense, we are all living by our word - whether we acknowledge that fact - or not. Science Fiction? Science Fact?

You get to decide. Just use caution...

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