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Sage Advice

It's late on Monday, June 15th. My concept of time is becoming more and more fluid - have you noticed that, too?

Today, I found myself enamored with sage.

Isn't it just beautiful?

It's terrific as a lovely flower in my herb garden and has powerful medicinal properties, too.

I loved learning that sage is sometimes referred to as: Salvia Salvatrix or 'Sage the Savior."

It's powerful as a tea to improve memory, attention, and cognition. It can be dried into a powder and used to brush your teeth -and can be made into a mouthwash to heal mouth ulcers and sores.

When I found the recipe for fried sage leaves - I had to try it! Have you ever heard of such a thing?

They were so crispy and delicious, I ate the entire first batch...and had to make another bunch for Stacey and Sue when they came for a visit.

I had started collecting enough sage to make smudge sticks.

Stacey reminded me that it was important to include more than just sage when making them, as the sage removes both positive and negative energies.

I decided to include Mugwort and Geranium

in creating these little bundles:

Mugwort is good for working beyond the veil. Geranium is good for healing the heart.

Who doesn't need that?

The name Sage, itself, means 'wise' and 'knowledgable. Maybe if I can incorporate more of its beneficial energies I will become wiser?

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