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It's Sunday, October 4th...and another crisp fall day here at Dream Barn Hollow.

As I walked out into the garden this morning, I was stunned at the beauty of this time of year.

Are you able to hold room for beauty and perfection, while simultaneously maintaining an awareness of everything else going on?

It's no small trick, really - and a great opportunity to practice new ways of being: remembering that everything is sacred.

Do you recognize your Divine Assistance?

As I marveled at the colors, smells, and flavors, I felt so thankful for this space.

I realized that sharing my everyday experiences is keeping me spiritually and physically balanced.

And as I share, more information comes through. Right now, I am clearing emotions, patterns, and energies beyond words!

One of the practices that came through today was this:

Next time you are standing next to (or conversing with) someone (especially someone who is in fear, anger, or other type of pain) allow your body to move in the direction of the energy they emit.

Chances are, you feel yourself moving in a (faint) clockwise circle. Allow it to continue...

As you focus, with an intention to transmute the energy, you may feel your body rock backwards/forwards - or emit a cough/noise.

At that point, you will likely begin to sense yourself moving in a counterclockwise (harmonious) circle.

Allow that to continue, until it stops.

What happens?

Somehow, things are diffused. Lighter.

Chances are if you are reading this - you have already experienced something similar.

We are working and clearing energetically, without folks even needing to know what is happening.

I'm fascinated to hear how your experience with this practice turns out...

Feel free to let me know!

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