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Rock and Roll

Today, Tuesday, March 31st, is another slightly gray day here at Dream Barn Hollow. I wandered out into the brief glimpse of sun this morning, down to the private beach here, along the banks of the Williams River. This is the view:

Can you see why I love being here so much? Can you feel the raw energy of the water and stones? Have you had a chance to venture out in nature lately?

I could (and have!) spend hours here, admiring each rock, listening to the river and watching colors shift and change as sunlight moves. Beauty is truly a force of nature! And Nature is such a source of beauty.

The first time, years ago now, I heard that everything holds consciousness, I didn't fully grasp what that meant. I remember feeling a little bit silly, holding a rock in each hand and asking: "What do you know, rocks?" You can imagine how surprised I was when they answered: "we hold the 'heavy.'"

This is so true, isn't it? Have you noticed that for yourself? Kids certainly get it! My sons would collect rocks every chance they could get when they were small. I would find them stashed all over the house, in their pockets - one of their friends found some rocks in his bed during a sleepover. (This gives a whole new meaning to: 'rock me to sleep...'!!)

When was the last time you picked up a rock?

Maybe it's time to go outside, take a walk and find a favorite rock. You might ask it to provide a level of grounding for you during these interesting times. Then, you really will be able to 'roll with it, baby'!!

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