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It's Friday, September 11th. I'm finding myself wandering through the garden, taking inventory of the late summer plants, flowers, colors.

This is a time when overwhelm and melancholy can set in - especially on this date: 9/11.

Are you feeling it?

Sometimes sensitivity can be tricky...

As the collective moves towards 'permeable boundaries,' recognizing that we are not, in fact, as separate as we all like to think and believe we are, it's good to acknowledge & release sensations and emotions as they arise.

Most folks who know me, have heard me talking about what 9/11 was really about - for years.

Are you fully aware?

At this point, I say: do your own research. There is enough information emerging that everyone is starting to recognize and feel it.

Again, it's a start in unraveling other truths...

Most importantly, is my capacity to be aware of all of it, hold the extremes, and navigate my life, giving intention and attention to the things that matter to me...

So, on this day of Gate 47, Line 3:Self-oppression (find more info on the Daily View here), I do well to remember that the

exaltation is: "the conscious and well integrated being whose natural right action will eventually come to see the unfoundedness of its oppression. The eventual realization that one is really o.k."

As that which has been hidden comes to light, all the ways I have agreed to play an unwitting victim will cease.

This is a natural rhythm.

Ultimately, when I thrive - the collective thrives. And as I admire these gorgeous late colors in my garden, I am filled with a level of appreciation and gratitude for nature and her role in demonstrating how rhythmic cycles work.

So, how are you doing with holding these extremes?

Are you finding ways to give and receive support?

Is there a practice that gives you faith and hope?

Are you able to speak truthfully, fearlessly?

In every interaction - are you staying in your heart?

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