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It's Monday, June 8th. It's been a full day...I had an early start with raking and mulching, took a break when Thomas came over to record a new podcast (that really deserves its own post!) and then headed out to do some garden whispering for my neighbors....

It was late afternoon by the time I returned home. I was tempted to head inside and call it good. Were you picking up on that 'Monday-vibe', too?

Instead, I took a cup of tea, sat by the firepit for a moment, and then weeded a bit by the pond.

It didn't take long and I felt so happy with my accomplishment: I filled the tub and cleared out some algae from the 'Blue Lagoon.'

Mike has suggested taking a moment to reflect on what I've achieved at the end of the day...and I was doing that when I noticed the sun had hit the 'perfect light.'

You know what I'm talking about, right? When the shadows get long and there seems to be a golden tint to the color of the sun as it hits everything?

I took a moment to take the above photo of the herb garden - bathed in that late afternoon glow.

As you can see, my Quan Yin statue held the ray of the sun. I was transfixed. There are moments when the Universe gives you a glimpse of grace...this was mine, today.

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