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It's Wednesday, December 16th and today ended up completely restructured.

Anyone else experiencing this? Do you recognize why?

With some information that came in last night, followed up by Guidance this morning, I found myself on a whirlwind trip through New Hampshire today.

I'm sure if I had planned it, I would have dealt with even greater interference...

One fascinating component of this trip was that my car, my GPS, and cell phone all showed completely different I chose to ignore them all.

Arriving in Manchester, NH I found Anne had creatively displayed her collection of sands - from all over the world! - on two charming shelves created by her son.

Not only does it make this room feel expansive holding these sands - with all of their energetic frequencies, the happy little Virgo/organizer aspect of me was also completely impressed with the labeling of each one!

Do you collect....?

Do you organize...? How??

Then, we did some Land Clearing. Turns out it was bigger than I would have guessed...

It was nice to have a chance to visit with this powerful group of women; share gifts, eat lunch and discuss insights.

Before I knew it, it felt right to move on, so I did...and on the next leg of the trip, I found myself passing the SNHU arena.

That was a fun surprise!

Although I have spent several years in various programs with them, I have never been to the campus, in person.

By the time I got back to Chester, it was dark.

This little town is really so darn cute any time of year! Even in the middle of the craziness and change this year has brought, the lights and decorations are up on 'The Green.'

Isn't it just so charming?

Now, I realize how utterly and completely I am wiped...and am so glad I got back before this anticipated storm!

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