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It's Wednesday, January 13, 2021. (I suppose it's good for me to continue writing the year, too, so I can get used to it. Ultimately and eventually, I might just find myself writing: it's now...)

Also, it's the New Moon in Capricorn.

According to Jan Spiller's New Moon Astrology (pps.112-118), it's good to consider that Capricorn rules future needs, responsibility, goals, and success, including such things as:

  • Time

  • Making sensible decisions

  • Keeping commitments

  • Using opportunities

  • Adult behavior, Maturity

  • Respect, Authority

It also rules excessive control, including:

Inflexibility, fear of new approaches, pessimism...

There is always plenty pessimism, confusion, and fear, should you choose to engage in watching MSM.

That is by design, have you noticed?

So I plan to use this next month to practice strengthening personal habits that promote the more beneficial aspects of this moon.

I choose to remember that my Human Design (response) Authority is Emotional (pause, wait until I have neutrality!), which supersedes my Sacral Authority (the immediate Uh-huh, or Unh-Uh). Do you know your Authority?

Lena's New Moon update includes this wisdom: "Focus on your inner strength, your intuition, your abilities, your talents, your new ideas and inspiration," because, "if you continue to expect support from old structures you may be disappointed."

So...go back to Source. Re-source. Get it?

(yeah, sometimes I'm amazed at what is hidden in plain sight! Other hidden truths are harder to address, such as Janet Ossebard's research: this and this.)

Finally, today's Gate 61:Line 4 - Research "Exaltation: The capacity of concentration to explore the depths of inner truth and maximize its application to fundamental principles. The pressure to know the fundamental principles."

As I work on my own research, I'll keep quilting...

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