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It's Sunday, March 21, 2021. Biodynamically, it's a 'flower' day; numerologically, it's an '11' day. Today was lovely and sunny and relatively quiet here...I started the morning early with a little reading in The Power of the Pendulum, by T.C. Lethbridge:

"...I think that our evolution consists of broadening our outlook through contact with a series of sequences of events on the earth level. From each sequence we are expected to draw a conclusion which will help to enlarge our mental range. If you go through a bad patch and, at the end of it all, all you can think is how awful it was, you are wasting the opportunity presented by that sequence. There was something in it which could have widened your mental outlook. That is what I mean by a clue. Somewhere in all that trouble and discomfort was something to learn; some point which could not have been brought up except by enduring the sequence" (p.13).

These days, I am fascinated by sequences and how they seem to move in concert with Divine and Perfect Timing.

Is this because we experience sequences in chronological order - even though, in the Quantum Field, everything is happening at once? Simultaneously?

Are you experiencing chronological time a bit differently these days?

And where do cycles fit in to all of this?

These are some of the things I pondered as I pored over which flower seeds needed to be started indoors 8-10 weeks out...

When I popped outside, I noticed a small patch of daffodils - a bit yellow from growing up under the excessive snow. They know when their Divine and Perfect Time is to emerge!

Can I trust that Disclosure is happening in its right time - even though holding this energy is so heavy?

Can I maintain enough resolve to focus on a commitment to scholarly writing (seems so trivial, in light of everything that's going on), when I'd just prefer to quit?

(I have to, my Guides said. Gah!)

It would seem the energy of Gate 25: Line 4 supports this:Survival "The nature of true innocence can be maintained regardless of circumstances. Exaltation: The beauty of the rose in the garbage dump. Jupiter is also exalted. The highest principles even amongst the greatest decadence. The spiritual warrior; the innocence maintained regardless of circumstances. No polarity."

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