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It's Sunday, October 25th and I had a day of digital detox.

Do you ever see how long you can go without looking at your phone/computer/device?

It's all rather funny since I'm really not on social media, nor do I have cell service here.

I guess what I mean is: I did not take any photos today...and will simply share a few I took last week:

Really, it was an amazing day...even after waking up to see that we had moved into Gene Key 28 "Embracing the Dark Side." (Shadow)Purposelessness – (Gift)Totality – (Siddhi)Immortality.

I was happy to get outside raking (is that purposeless, really??) - and even more excited that Stacie joined me!

We got a bunch of leaves up near the vegetable garden to process into mulch.

Later, I worked with a lovely woman, who made the 4-hour drive up from NJ.

Wouldn't you drive for 8 hours, if you knew it meant a paradigm shift?

Then, late afternoon - Stacie and I went for a hike around Lowell Lake.

Small mushrooms, afternoon sun (and long shadows), and serene water made for a lovely walk. I shared memories of taking the boys there pretty regularly....


This evening, I remembered that last year at this time I was in California. I revisited some journaling of that trip (on this day last year) and found this (I was reading my sister's copy of Right Use of Will):

This quote in the introduction is a concept that I am working to embody, “Many have thought that by allowing their Will to express only positive feelings, they would attract only Loving Light, but what they have attracted is the conditional love that results from denial.”

Have I embodied this? An awareness of when I might not recognize denial?

I might be getting better...

After all, I was willing to revisit the memory!

What are you finding that is worth being re-membe(red)?

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