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Red skies at night...

It's Halloween, 2020! Trick or treat!!

And what an amazing trick to have a full moon - a blue moon - tonight. According to Lena, 'this full moon is about freedom and expansion'.

I had some time to contemplate, as I drove home. There were moments of sentimentality, thinking about the times I took the boys trick-or-treating when they were small.

Earlier, I asked Trevor about his favorite costume; he said it was a T-shirt that said: I ran out of Halloween costumes.

Have you ever dressed up?

What was your fave outfit?

Before I headed out, we carved pumpkins together.

This was another fun moment of artistic expression. I vaguely remember much messier carving experiences - with less impressive results!

We stopped at the ocean after we finished, so I could fill up a jar with some ocean water and maybe find a stone or two.

There we met Chloe and Madison, who showed us how to catch crabs with a hotdog tied to a piece of string.

Ha! Who knew?!

Don't you just love it?

Fascinating stories get collected as we navigate with joy, share experiences, and stay open to new ideas.

This trip was such a terrific experience of staying in the flow!

Now, I am home.

I've reset the clocks to reflect 'fall back' for daylight savings.

I'm ready to fall into bed.

And I'm wondering what tomorrow might bring....

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