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Red October

It's Thursday, October 1st (what a fun date:10.01.2020!) and I'm grateful to see how writing these daily updates is keeping me somewhat aware of the linear time that I sometimes seem to be working around.

Today is Full Moon in Aries and the first of two full moons (blue moon!) this red month. (Do you think we will ever figure out there are really 13 moons that means there are supposed to be 13 mo(o)nths?)

The Harvest moon in Libra offers opportunity for gratitude and balance.

Lisa Verschoor shares:   "The Sun in Libra (us) and Moon in Aries (me) both make a wide square to Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn (established societal norms). A square demands one to "rise above" as tension pushes us to the limits. These are the signature three planets believed to be the catalyst for the current pandemic. They have been in retrograde motion the past four months. All three will be direct as of October 4. This takes us back to the first part of 2020 in order to approach matters of deep concern with a fresh perspective." 

I love the idea of a fresh perspective!

This is a pretty busy time of year here in Vermont, as I take stock of all that needs to be done before snow flies.

Last bits of harvesting, weeding out good and bad, cleaning up the garden beds, planting garlic.

This is what is going on with me.

What is going on with us?

  • We're finding the things that are collectively beneficial.

  • We're bringing things to light that need to be cleaned up.

  • We're feeling things that no longer resonate and clearing them out.

Nothing is wasted. Everything serves a purpose. Every interaction and relationship plays a role. Individually and collectively.

One thing that has recently come to my attention is the amount of name-calling that has been happening in various arenas.

Have you noticed?

I must be ready to look at my own need to identify and label - and be more compassionate.

After all, we are like separate waves that simply don't recognize that we are also the ocean.

Pam Younghans writes that this "Full Moon also represents a major healing opportunity, with the Moon just two degrees away from Wounded Healer Chiron. If we find ourselves acting out of insecurity or fear – the shadow side of Chiron in Aries – we are being directed by the universe to take a break, to sit with the part of us that is feeling these emotions, and to hold it lovingly in our awareness while we tell it that we understand, and that we're sorry it's afraid.

This inner child work, when done purposefully – and out loud – has a healing effect deep within our psyches. It is a powerful way both to help heal a fearful part of our nature, and to strengthen a part of us that knows it is competent and able to handle any situation that might arise."

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