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It's Tuesday, October 6th and I woke full of gratitude for solid sleep!

Do you thank your pillow? How about your bed?

I remember hearing that Louise Hayes thanked her bed for a good night's sleep and decided I loved the idea!

I had a few things on the schedule for today, including a visit from Mark, who was excited to find some trumpet music still in his trumpet case - from High School.

Did you play an instrument? Is it something you still do?

There are times I miss having a piano to play scales...trumpets are certainly more portable.

Mark wondered where I found these hidden treasures, so I shared a few more things that I'd found - including boxes of photographs and watercolors...

This, of course, meant a trip down memory lane, which included some happy sighs - and some real tears.

Was today like that for you, too?

I had moments of really investigating the shadow of 'inadequacy;' parenting can really make you feel those feels.

Perhaps this is why it's so important to revisit really happy moments, too.

Today's message from Abraham/Hicks on the perpetual flip calendar was all about recognizing how to flip perception; to redirect attention.

Wouldn't it be terrific if we could all trust that there are really positive things happening - right now?

That any good attitude and positive energy we bring is having a beneficial impact?

And...why wouldn't we?

Mark confessed that he thought I was a little nuts, when I advised him to listen to his "Higher Self." (After all, if you never have - you might not realize you have/ are one!)

Then he shared what happened, when he started to listen...

All I can say is - YAY!!!

We have a tentative date scheduled for watercoloring, too.

Because, hey. It's time to redirect...I'm ready for a different kind of painting!! are you planning to redirect your energy and attention? Find more fun? Speak more truth and embody more power?

Go on....the whole world needs you!

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