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Red Flag

It's Wednesday, October 21st, and a bit of a rainy start.

An '8' day numerologically and a 'fruit' day, biodynamically. (Tomorrow is another 'fruit' day, in case you were wondering).

For me, this meant processing pears into juice, which I canned. I also mixed some lotion and contemplated Dr. Jesse Jennings' words in my October Science of Mind Magazine.

He reminds us to "Look within when triggered."

Have you found yourself on edge the past few days?

Why, yes!!

It has been so energetically challenging and heavy.

Quite a few friends have called up to tell me how easily they've been angered and frustrated by someone close.

Guess what? It's not about 'them.'

Dr. Jennings further shares that "Hypercritical judgment is a red flag: some inner standard of our own hasn't been lived up to." He further quotes Emma Curtis Hopkins that: "The world is an exact record of your thoughts."

Oooh. As I catch the occasional bit of news (and the suggestion to sit back, eat popcorn, and enjoy the show!) I wonder if I have processed all of my shadows enough to listen neutrally to what's coming. I usually embrace the red flags...stuff to clear.

Are there new things that might trigger me?

I took a trip to the trash and recycling center and realized I was happy to let more stuff go...

How funny that in doing so, I found this book in a box to donate!

As I rearrange things, I'm again aware of internal shifts: I'm ready to release another bit of anger. More judgment. Resentment.

How's that for clutter?

What are you letting go?

Thank goodness for those red flags, huh?

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