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Red Ace

It's Thursday, October 29th, and what an action-packed adventure today has been!

Do you ever let rain stop you from venturing out to new places?

Fortified with a delicious start from the Chocolate Rose Bakery, we decided to head out towards the Cotuit Center for the Arts.

There were two amazing exhibits and we had the place to ourselves.

Both exhibits were a terrific reminder of the powerful drive for artistic expression.

How do you express your creativity? Are you making time for your art?

Jaime Elkins' relationship with the 150-year-old tree was brought to life in the various pieces hung on the walls; turns out she visited the tree regularly and cultivated a real friendship.

I can relate.

Can you?

Do you have a tree that is that kind of friend?

This piece was my favorite....again, the interplay of light and dark is intriguing. It reminds me of neural networks in the brain - and of galactic formations!

Upstairs was a fun exhibit of ceramics; several artists had pieces that were whimsical, organic, and texturally intriguing.

The name of this exhibit, "Dysfunctional," was a funny way to think about ceramics in a non-traditional way.

I clearly had my favorite pieces, which I thought would make for some terrific garden art...

After some crunchy fish'n'chips at Wimpy's, where we met some fun new friends (one who has a second home in Mount Holly!)

we stopped by the Cahoon Museum (at their suggestion) and then to Dunbar for a cup of tea (and carrot cake).

The adventure continued in Falmouth, after picking Trevor up from school.

It's charming how everything here is so decorated for Halloween and Fall....

After a trip into Ghelfi's Candy shop, (where it was fun to see Trevor wish for and receive some candy corn as a trick-or-treat!), we headed back to play with Moon Putty and teach me the fun card game 'Trash.'

Have you ever seen such cute cards?

Yeah, I was pretty taken with them...they may be as old as I am!

Really, the message from the Universe and everyone beyond the veil seems to be:

"Keep playing. Have fun. Be full of joy! Make and enjoy art...."

I say: sounds good to me!

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