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It's Sunday, July 18th. Numerologically, it's a '3' day (which is all about joy! Were you feeling it?);

biodynamically, it was a 'gray' day. I didn't get out in the garden to speak of anyway, with the amount of rain that was happening...

It was okay with me, though, as I still had a visitor! After she left I would have been happy for a mid-afternoon nap (a nap on a rainy Sunday - to integrate the Schumann Resonance spikes - almost feels spiritual, yes?), and yet there were some phone calls to return, emails to answer, and things to clean up, before heading out.

It was also very energetically different, because we entered into a New Gene Key:

56-Divine Indulgence

Rudd refers to the shadow of this Gate (Distraction) as 'The World Mask.' Pretty interesting, right?

What do you think - will people acquiesce, when they're told that they need to go back to wearing masks?

Me? I'm ready for the Gift (Enrichment), which he describes as 'turning within;' which is all about learning what feeds the human spirit and what saps it. The Siddhi (Intoxication) is all about being distracted only by what is Divine, uplifting, and luminous. Also good, yes?

More and more I am withdrawing from online searches to see what might be going on behind the scenes in the news....and engaging with what is right in front of me that feels worthy.

Working with the lovely folks who came by yesterday felt like it had value!

Also, with the incoming energies, I am pretty tired...

If it's raining tomorrow - maybe I will indulge in a Divine Nap.

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