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Being in this state of quarantine - no, I really prefer the phrase 'spiritual retreat'! - is allowing me to assess relationships. Are you finding that to be the case, too? Especially ones that are right up close and personal at this time. Maybe you have young children home from school? Maybe your spouse or loved one is now home 24/7?

I have plants...and chickens!

These chickens are part of my daily routine. They greet me at the gate and so look forward to my visit. Yes, I usually bring some sunflower seeds as a treat - and they provide the most beautiful eggs!

In short, my relationship with 'the girls' is win/win. I feel so grateful for them!

That said, there are relationships that don't seem so sunny. Maybe they are family relationships with sisters, brothers or parents? Maybe it's a spouse or partner? Maybe a co-worker or boss?

Often, there's a level of pain involved: hurt people hurt people. In reflecting on the theme, I wonder if we can evolve into a new way of being? And seeing? Learning to appreciate relationships for the amount of emotions that arise for us to feel and heal....doesn't this also reflect reciprocity?

So, today's questions, which I offer for you to ask during your next emotionally challenging interaction is:

How can I see this differently? What is the gift here? How can we find the win/win?

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