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It's Monday, August 2nd. Numerologically, it's a '6' day (did you take care of responsibilities? Pay bills?) and biodynamically, it's a 'root' day. I was really very happy to get back out into the gardens today, as they are feeling a little wild and overgrown.

In looking ahead at the various astrological transits for this week (leading up to the New Moon), I can say I am happy to have some time being very grounded.

Pam Younghans shares this info:


Mercury trine Chiron: A good time to have a conversation, as we feel heard and are also willing to listen.

Venus trine Uranus: We feel more free to be ourselves within our relationships, and are likewise more able to allow others their independence.

Tuesday Mercury square Uranus: New ideas or insights challenge our usual way of thinking. This aspect requires that we let go of the ego's need for validation, and remain openminded.


Sun trine Chiron: Effort put into self-care activities today is rewarded with renewed self-confidence and courage.

Thursday No major aspects.


Sun square Uranus: This aspect ties into Sunday's New Moon energies. We are likely to get glimpses of the themes of the lunation, as surprising events and changing circumstances test our flexibility.


Mercury quincunx Neptune: There is a tendency to promise more than we can deliver with this aspect. Do your best to gain internal clarity before engaging in any important conversations.

Sunday New Moon

Since I spent so much time outside, I don't really have any new links to share...

Which is kinda funny, considering this is the theme for "Gate 33.4 - Silence brings power or not today

Line 4 - Dignity A lack of turmoil in retreat. Exaltation: The underlying faith in resurrection that turns retreat into an opportunity for renewal and regeneration. The healthy retreat for regeneration."

Did you regenerate today?

Again - I trust that things are happening behind the scenes with regards to Cosmic Clean-Up.

Also, I am happy that (for the moment) my part includes being here in the beauty of this space.

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