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It's Monday, January 4, 2021. I'm writing '2021' as frequently as possible, so I can get used to it.

Do you find yourself still writing '2020'?

I'm finding the whole concept of time to be a bit quisquous.

Isn't that a fabulous word? When I found it in my email, I figured I needed to 'own' this I'm going to be using it as much as possible!

It sounds a bit like 'crisscross', and supposedly, they don't know the etymology.

The Dictionary of the Scots, however, has it documented as early as 1698 with the definition: "perplexing, doubtful, debateable, dubious."

I speculated that it might have come from the Latin words: quis and quo; 'who' and 'where.'

Much like my collection of obsolete watches (all of which are turning up in random places!), I'm wondering about the 'who' and 'where' of myself these days.

This morning's insight was to: get busy with practical aspects, today, as it is a '1' day;

pay bills, collect recycling, call the credit union, change the water filter, etc...

There have been a few pauses to do some clearing, too.

Have you found this Gate 38 to be intense?


Now, I'm nearly ready for a tea break, to see what things can be crossed off the to-do list...and which new things need to be added.

I don't need a watch to know this, my body lets me know it's time. Just like I don't prefer to watch any quisquous news, I usually feel what's happening...

That said, I did just order Pam's book.

I will support truth, transparency, and freedom to the best of my ability, as we navigate these quisquous times!

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