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Q*Qi*Quo*Quiz*Quantum's Friday, June 5th - and a 'Strong Sun Moon' Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

Have you been feeling it?

For me, it's felt like the last few days have been building in intensity. I'm doing whatever I can to take care of myself and stay centered. Especially with an awareness that there is a Solar Eclipse with the New Moon on Sunday, June 15th (Father's Day), and another Lunar Eclipse on Sunday, July 5th with the 'Blessing Moon.'

So, today, I am simply sharing my favorite letter: Q, which is my favorite number 17 (a version of 8=1+7) and a number of questions. Because diviners know: it's all about the question!

Did you know that Q was the name of both a fictional character and a race from the Q continuum-an alternate dimension- in Star Trek?

Did you know that the numeric value of

Q =100?

Do you know that the energy of Q is all about cutting through cycles? (Just look at the shape!)

Did you know that I received this Q17 energy, before I knew anything about the Q movement? (Thank you, John Matthews, for helping perfect the logo I saw in my head!)

Did you know that the term 'Conspiracy Theory' is a weaponized term that the CIA implemented to shut down researchers and investigations? That the good people in the United States have been manipulated by Hegelian Dialectic and False Flags?

Are you aware of the Q movement? Have you heard about what's going on behind the scenes - that is not being shared in mainstream media? Or how we can be manipulated using technology?

Have you heard about Project Blue Beam? How about Operation Paperclip? Are you aware of the favorite drug of the elites?

Are you aware of Laura Eisenhower, the great-granddaughter of the former US President Dwight D.Eisenhower - and the work she is doing to bring things to light?

Do you know about the Great Awakening? Are you aware there is a new King of England?

Are you aware that Ascension is a real thing and that by overcoming our cognitive dissonance and waking up, we can assist in this process?

Can you tell I could go on and on....?

Emma Goldman said: The most violent element in society is ignorance.

I would follow that up with the saying that ignorance is not saying: "I don't know."

Ignorance is saying, I don't want to know....

So...will you be brave enough to investigate, yourself? What rabbit hole will you go down today? And where will it take you?

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