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It's Wednesday, January 20th, 2021. I woke to glorious sunshine and a complete sense of calm.

This is rather interesting, considering everything that seems to be taking place on MSM.

Perhaps it's because, at some level, I trust my inner guidance over anything that appears to be occurring on the wordly stage...including the presidential inauguration.

Maybe it's because I have some memories of how truth can and has been manipulated?

My father was in the Army, and I remember as a child, hearing some of the stories he shared of being sent to survival school. He came back skinny and scruffy and told us how he had had to use his wits to 'survive' (abuse? torture? interrogation? living in the wilderness?) for ...? (I can't remember the length of time he had to attend).

When we moved to Denver, CO, he worked at NORAD and was flown to work in a plane with no windows.

In the evening, he would return home and watch the news, to see what type of impact his 'work' had made.

He never told us what he did - it was all very cryptic. I wondered if he was a spy...

At some level, I must have realized then (at a pretty subconscious level) that there is a lot of impact that can come from work done 'behind the scenes.'

Fast forward to my early married in Hinesville, GA.

Alan (my sons' father) was sent off to Desert Storm. As part of the Military Intelligence, he was trained as an analyst with a knowledge of Arabic. A green beret, he was also very well versed in psychological operations.

He returned unwilling to share very much about his experiences there - just enough to allow me to understand how inhumane it was.

This morning, a video showed up in my feed featuring Malcolm X and Yuri Bezmenov.

It made me consider a conversation last night about power vs. force.

I am not interested in pointing any fingers of blame or hate. I am choosing to live in trust and optimism. To achieve acceptance requires forgiveness, so I am sharing this beautiful quote:

"Today I decided to forgive you.

Not because you apologized or because you acknowledged the pain that you caused, but because my soul deserves peace."

Najwe Zebian

Are you ready for peace?

Can we allow our inner state of serenity to carry us beyond whatever pysops would force us to believe?

Ultimately, peace is the prize....and we have that power.

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