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Provocative (adj.)

It's a rainy, gray Monday, May 18th. Another slow morning to luxuriate in awakening...

which allows insights and information to come through!

Do you keep a journal next to your bed for when this happens? Or a specific dream journal?

I had intended to go to bed earlier last night and found myself cleaning up my emails, instead: saving and deleting. Making space. How do you decide what to delete? What to save?

Some of these emails were pretty provocative (from Late Latin provocativus "calling forth"....)

As I sleep, I process. This gives me a chance to bring any unconscious provocation to a conscious I can understand and address it. Answers get 'called forth.'

I received added clarity on how to recognize where we are, dimensionally speaking.

Because we are all multidimensional -remember?

And the answers were coming in fast and furiously! I scribbled them all down: one example after another of what thinking/living/being looks like in

3D, 4D and 5D.

Here is the chart (yes, I typed it up, so that it would be easier to read!)

Maybe some of these ideas seem contradictory? Can you come up with some of your own analogies/metaphors?

It feels to me, that when I come from a 3D perspective, I am limited.

And when I choose to move to the 5D perspective, there is room for anything/everything.

My perspective, your perspective and, and, and....

In considering all of this, the next question might be: what feels the most liberated and joyful?

Am I open (and grateful) for the provocation that allows me to call forth new opportunities to expand?

Can I walk my talk to stay in 5D?

Can I love myself, when I am not?

Can I love others, when they are not?

Because, Like Dorothy, 'we've had the power all along, my dear:'

from what dimension/perspective will I choose to operate today?

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