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It's Thursday, February 4th: an '11' day, numerologically (which is a Master Number about 'following your inner star') and a 'flower' day, biodynamically.

As far as the energy of today? Human Design Gate 13: Line 4 - Fatigue "The point of exhaustion eventually reached when one is too tired to fight. Exaltation: The renaissance that comes with truce and its eventual reinvigoration. Openness which leads to exhaustion and the need for silence."

With this Gate being "Gate of The Listener

The Hearer of Secrets," I was reminded of one of my favorite 'Red Clover' nominees (this is the Vermont Children's book award; a committee I was was part of several years ago).

In this story, the Secret Keeper lived on the edge of the woods and listened to the townspeople's' secrets - until they became too much and she took to her bed...

fatigue? Overwhelm?

It does feel a bit like the energy of today.

This morning I had a meeting with my instructor regarding my studies. I mentioned that it would be interesting to compile the insights and experiences of this year into my dissertation; kind of like - wouldn't it be interesting to read the diary of someone who had been a passenger on the Titanic?

Their whole trip - from booking, to boarding, to realizing they were going down...and then: either rescue or...?

A story of the process.

Right now, I feel like I am in that type of situation; I know what's happening, yet I am not sure that others (in education? academia? banking? government?) realize that all of these structures are crumbling...

(Thank you, Chris, for this beautiful book: The Illustrated Rumi)

Maybe it's just time to hibernate for a bit longer?

Wait - is that even possible, if you are awake?

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