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It's Wednesday, May 13, and after a flurry of phone calls and healing sessions, I headed out into the sun. It was cold again last night, so I quickly harvested a handful of asparagus shoots that had been touched by frost to bring in for an omelet.

While outside, I was struck by the beauty of these little friends:

This is the common primrose... always up as one of the first flowers in the spring. In fact, the name primrose comes from the Latin root 'primus,' which means 'first.'

Their beauty always feeds my soul...and apparently, could also feed my body, as these flowers are also edible.

Every part of them! The flowers, the leaves - and the roots!

According to The Herbal or General History of Plants, by John Gerard:

I'm not planning on harvesting the little beauties today.

First, I want to find out more about this 'phrensie' that Gerard talks about!

It sounds an awful lot like 'frenzy,' doesn't it?

Are you feeling any of that, yourself? How are you dealing with it?

Perhaps it would be beneficial to drink some on behalf of the whole Collective right now!

Maybe I will go out on the next 'flower' day and harvest some. For now, I'm happy to let them grow and spread - and fill the edge will all their glory. Enjoying them there seems like a good cure for 'frenzy' to me!

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