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President's Day

It's Monday, February 15th. It's a '4' day, numerologically, so get down to practical things. Having just finished a third load of laundry, I'm feeling productive! (I'm also still in my pajamas. Just sayin'.)

A 'leaf' day, biodynamically, means things made with leaves will taste yummy: tea, cabbage, salad, corn, tortilla chips, etc.

Also, it's a day set aside to honor our presidents - specifically on the third Monday in February. Originally, it was to honor George Washington, though there are four presidents born in February: George Washington, William Henry Harrison, Abraham Lincoln, and Ronald Reagan.

Right now, I believe the current presidency is an opportunity to wake up and wonder what the heck is really going on...

As I read through Llewellyn's Daily Planetary Guide, I realized this is all part of the process....

**Heads up for the 17th (yeah, always has been my fave number!) with an astrological lineup that sounds intense!

Of course, that is also reflected in today's energy: Gate 30:Line 4 - "Burnout An unrealistic pace that begs misfortune. Exaltation: A compulsive and hyperactive nature that carries all the earmarks of burnout but doesn't necessarily arrive at it. A positive outcome is often assisted through analysis. Highly energized feelings that may lead to emotional collapse."

I will share the two cards that 'fell' out of the deck today - funny that they equal 15!

#7 is about "Grace, Blooming, Youth, Freshness; the peony symbolizes respect & honor, ideals that must be recognized in ourselves before we can genuinely share our true nature with others"

#8 is about Gratitude, Pleasure, Happiness; ...noticing "the simple pleasures of life," and being "thankful for all that nature has given"

Are you respecting and honoring yourself? Being thankful for simple pleasures and nature?

I'm grateful for the foresight that creating 'Presidents Day' made a 3-day weekend...which might mean the opportunity to avoid burnout!

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