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It's Sunday, May 9th, 2021. Happy Mother's Day! (Thank you, Heather, for the presents!)

Today is a '1' day, numerologically (time to lay down new foundations...and: did you wear red?) biodynamically, it's been 'gray' all day; we move into a 'fruit' day for the next two days.

This morning was fully productive and I was happy to have gotten most of my to-do list done, by 2:00, so I could focus on building a fire for the Clearing Circle.

There were numerous things that have shown up on my radar over the last 24 hours ...always interesting, when we move into a New Gene Key, too, #23: The Alchemy of Simplicity; (Shadow) Complexity – (Gift)Simplicity – (Siddhi)Quintessence

As folks started arriving, I was startled and surprised to see both Nathan and Mark walking down the garden path!

Since they had not mentioned coming over, it was a lovely introduction to others and a quick visit, as other folks took a moment to explore the new garden growth.

I continue to be amazed by the two of them; their strength and convictions - both extremes!

Certainly, it is such an opportunity to continue extending/expanding Unconditional Love....

After they left, our powerful group worked on

clearing issues around:

  • Delivery Methods (right?!)

  • Methylating components

  • Gene Mutations

  • more...

There were a number of themes that were held in common -individual/collective.

So, as with Gate 23: "Splitting Apart; Gate of Assimilation- The Elimination of Intolerance"

I find myself pleased to envision seemingly divided factions/components/opponents coming together in new ways.

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