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Practice? Perfection? Provocation!

It's the end of the last day in June: Tuesday, June 30th. This morning, I was up early and noticed that we are so far north here in Chester, that the sky starts getting light around 4:15 am.

That said, it was mostly gray and rainy again....

The energy of moving from Gate 52 (line 6) to Gate 39 (line 1:Obstruction) happened today around 4:44 pm. Shadow: Provocation; Gift: Dynamism; Siddhi: Liberation.

(I love this Gate of Provocation!! It aligns energetically with my Gate 55.)

Were you feeling that energy shift?

I didn't make that conscious connection, until just now, myself - as I'm catching up on emails.

This Gate/time is about moving any energy that no longer aligns with freedom. Anything dense, stagnant, and stuck is going to get provoked to shift and release things. Have you been feeling more sensitive? Have you been easily provoked?

Do you think it's a coincidence that this Gate encompasses our Independence Day Weekend?

I believe the Universe is generous and lessons are repeated until they are learned.

In a sense, we get to practice dealing with issues (people) that trigger, annoy, and provoke us until we are no longer impacted by them.

Can you think of an occasion where this was the case in your life? And you mastered it?

Stacey sent this lovely loaf of homemade sourdough bread over today, as we were studying again. Sue said she's been practicing to make the perfect loaf.

What do you think? Lovely, huh?

I am SO grateful!

It is perfect to me: fragrant, delicious - even the tree design is exquisite.

What a gift this is: (Im-)perfect bread that requires more practice! (Thank you, Stacey!)

And what a gift 'provocation' is, too: opportunities for me to practice my own growth. Can I remember in the moment of being triggered that this experience is a gift?

Over these next 6 days, I intend to practice seeing everything as perfection - and allow any moments of provocation move and shift anything not aligned with that vision.

Will you join me in this? Practice and provocation are liberating!

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