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Portable Portals

It's Tuesday, June 16th and I held the morning for Willow and Lauren to make art.

What kind of art? I wasn't sure, either. Again, I'm learning to listen, follow promptings, show up, and trust that what wants to emerge - will.

Turns out, Willow knew to bring her acrylic pens. Have you worked with them?

She thought we might be painting stones.

So, we started down by the river.

Do you have a favorite water hole? Have you had a chance to stick your feet in a river yet this year? It's still chilly - and yet completely invigorating...

Some rocks wanted to be stacked, some wanted to be admired; there were shiny rocks, flat ones, heart-shaped, and chunks of crystal. We filled our pockets.

After moving back to the lawn, the next step became clear: I was doodling design ideas in my book, considering how I might paint a torus onto a stone, and wondered out loud if the frequency of each individual rock would create an energetic portal if I anchored it with paint.

That was a fun discussion! Where would it take us? How would we get home?

Lauren answered that one: the 'Home' button is in the heart. would we know where we were going? Willow answered that one: by color, which each held their own frequency.

She was right - I remembered 'traveling' last fall, during a past life regression, and choosing the purple door. It took me right into the VOID.

After determining the locations and frequencies of each of the colors in the rainbow, we started making 'doors.'

The Latin word for door is 'porta,' these little doors might very well open portals!

We had such fun deciding where these little doors/portals belonged...for a moment.

Turns out, they are able to create a portal wherever they go: Porta-able. Ha!

Taking this time was very important. Why?

To anchor a frequency of joyful, imaginative co-creation, and fun. When is the last time you did something to honor and engage yourself at this level?

Okay. Now back to studying...everything in balance, right?

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