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It's Wednesday, July 8th and I was out and about today. I had an appointment with Darlene at the Counting House. She is an amazing CPA...and quilter! Needless to say, she is exacting in both realms and very talented. Numbers and sewing.

For the first time since this whole plandemic started, I accepted a mask.

She shared some of her models and designs - and when she tentatively offered this one - well, how could I refuse? Really. Look at this very cool fabric!! I figured if nothing else, I would have a very cool memento of this whole experience, right?

Turns out, I would not have been allowed to drop off some used books to the Northshire Bookstore, had I not been wearing this mask...I even received a compliment!

What timing.

Looks like I am playing the game, huh?

When it came time to cash in some credits, I opted for this stone. Isn't it clever?

And funny, considering I'm such a bibliophile, that I chose a stone over books right now....

Again, this Gate 53, line 3 (practicality):

"In its most natural position, the concentration on avoiding conflict to ensure protection and continued development. The pressure to eliminate conflict in order to develop."

After a major clearing at the end of the day, I realize that eliminating conflict is a good way to free up LifeForce energy and lighten up.

I've been seeing this whole mask-wearing as submission. Now, I can remember that nothing is written in stone, huh?

As if to reward me for my flexibility - or to provide a laugh - my fig tree produced the first ripe figs!

Why the laugh, you ask? Because the German word for fig = Feige, which also means: coward.

Yeah, I think that is pretty funny. I'm playing with the Universe, the Universe is playing with me.

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