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Plan B

It's Friday, September 25th, (a fruit morning!) and half of the things I thought might occur today did not.

That said, the final (collective) energy of Gate 46 was in play:

Line 6 - Integrity Exaltation: The wisdom to secure one's identity through careful consideration of the restrictive potential of commitments. The determination to say no to restrictive commitments. Detriment: Deceiving oneself and others by overextending one's resources and eventually being in the position of having to break promises. A drive for success that will not say no, and will end up breaking promises.

I did have a lovely visit with two friends, whom I have not seen in a while...

That was lovely!

And then, as I continued to paint, I listened to several fascinating debates.

There's one I wanted to share - and it's already gone missing....

Have you noticed how YouTube disappears things??

Do you wonder why?

It makes the librarian aspect of me furious at the censorship! Grr...

There was one Native Ameican saying that Professor Cahill shared that really stuck, though: You can't wake someone, who is pretending to sleep.

Do you remember pretending to sleep during naptime, as a child?

I do remember really keeping my eyes shut!


I want nothing more than to have the people I love open their eyes.

A lot is going on behind the scenes - and in plain sight.

Are you awake? Aware? Seeing it happen?

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