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Pink Moon

It's Monday, April 26th - an '8' day, numerologically (did you get a lot of work done today?); and a 'root' day, biodynamically. Tomorrow is a 'gray' day all day, and then we jump into 'leaf' around 10am on Wednesday.

Also, it's a Super Full (Pink) Moon in Scorpio.

This has some challenging aspects to it; Lena says: "Resiliency and flexibility are very helpful during this time especially around unexpected changes, events, reversals and decisions. Be careful with being impulsive. Put some practical thought into any important choices around changing or adjusting anything major in your life."

A need for my flexibility showed up early on mid-morning, returning and exchanging bathroom sinks. Waiting for road repair crews made the trip feel even longer.

After the silicone caulk was applied, there was no rushing the next requires 24 hours to dry....

Brandon left and I was determined to make the most of the sun (even though the wind today was pretty bitter!) and went outside to rake the side garden beds.

The next thing I knew, I spotted Brigham up the tree - like a skinny Winnie-the-Pooh!

He was tying the tree, before chainsawing it down, to direct the fall. The next time I looked up - he was gone.

There were a few things I listened to, as I drank a cup of tea this evening. It's been hard to hold the awareness of everything that's been happening - and not explode.

At this point, I'm ready to call it a day; it's also the final day of Gate 27:Line 6

Line 6 - Wariness A protection against an abuse of generosity. Exaltation: A practical and realistic approach to nurturing, whose appropriateness is guided by feelings and instinct. The power and strength to be realistic in one's capacities to care and nurture.

How are you coping? What are you doing to honor and strengthen your own feelings and instinct?

Are you remembering to care and nurture yourself?

(Ummm...hello, Alice? Time for bed!!)

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