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It's Wednesday, October 7th, and the last Line of Gate 48:6; Self-fulfillment. An undiminishable resource. The theme: give and you will receive. Can you picture how that shows up?

Today I ran errands all over the place: downtown Chester, Springfield, North Springfield, Perkinsville, and Claremont (there is something very satisfying about getting everything done in one trip!)

My first surprise came in the mail: a small portable portal from Carolyn. What a lovely memento of a magical day...

Have you been inspired to create a small door of your own?

During the drive, I would glance down and smile. The green door goes to a creative place and activates imagination.

It was so touching... Thank you!

Then, when I returned the two futon covers I had tried (which did not fit the newly painted living room) I found the one I had pictured in my mind's eye.

Has that ever happened to you? You can picture something in your imagination...and if it's not exactly aligned with what you see, it feels a little off?

When I got it home and on, it felt so did walking through the 'new office.'

(before) (now)

I'm learning to trust my vision. Sometimes I can't seem to get things quite aligned - so I keep working until it's like I've pictured it in my mind's eye. This is (self-) fulfilling!

Of course, someone else might come along and see it completely vision might shift.

Do you see the duck? Or the rabbit?

Or both/and?!

Whether perspectives, advice, energy (in all its various forms) - we are constantly giving and receiving.

Becoming gracious about giving and receiving (even when it's not exactly as we may have imagined/hoped/wanted) is part of picturing the both/and: truly, an 'undiminishable resource.'

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