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It's Wednesday, February 3rd. It's a '1' day, numerologically; a 'gray' day, biodynamically, and Gate 13:Line 3 - Pessimism "The belief that what is best can never be achieved. Exaltation: A lack of trust that can only be transformed through concrete evidence. Openness that is conditioned by suspicion and seeks evidence."

What the heck?


Pessimism has an 'exaltation'?? must, right?

Because everything that exists has components of both light and dark, yin and yang, good and evil, etc.

In working to understand the exaltation of pessimism, I realized that the reason why this hit me so hard, is that I 'know' (feel? intuit?) what I know and sometimes I don't have 'evidence' until later on, down the line...

It's probably why I stopped eating red meat in 1983...and most fowl in 2017. Now there is emerging evidence of contamination that might be hard to swallow. Literally.

So, how do we overcome suspicion when there is no concrete evidence?

How do we deal with distrust, if we have cognitive dissonance when we find answers in our research?

How do we stay balanced, loving, compassionate, and forgiving?

In the coming months, I know some hard evidence will be forthcoming; the keyword being 'hard.'

If we can look at this experience as a necessary part of the BIG picture, part of the process of moving out of the lower frequencies that have been manipulated to hold our collective at a certain frequency, then we can start to appreciate how it has all served our Highest Good in the Ascension Process.

Because we are Lightbeings!

We need each other!

It's time to move into, live and connect from our hearts - in close proximity (not 6 feet apart)

(Thank you, Lucy, for these links! I'm still sorting out how it all fits...)

The light that we hold will help offset any imbalances, in the awakening process; it will help us move from grief and disbelief to new understandings of what it really means to be a fully realized Divine Humanity.

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