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It's Tuesday, January 12th, and late in the afternoon. All day I have marveled at how things get shifted and rearranged - and how I find myself responding. I like to think that I am coherent enough to 'respond' ...and not 'react.' Do you recognize when you are doing one - or the other?

That said, I really felt my energy drop this morning, during a phone call with a dear friend.

Fortunately, call waiting interrupted us, so any reactivity was relegated until the next time we connect. It gave me a chance to breathe deeply and ask myself how I would like this call to go...

Ahhhh. The Pause. Not easy for someone like me, who really likes resolution!

This led to some emotional detox (clearing), which in turn sparked some physical detox (ionic foot bath). Then, I worked on some sewing, which refocused my mental state, while listening to some podcasts to rebalance my spiritual state.

Are they all-ways connected? Oh, yes...

Especially today, being Gate 61: Line 3


It is exceedingly difficult for truth to stand alone.

Exaltation: The ability to establish relationships for the actualization of truths, and through their nurturing and protective power to ensure a stable environment in which they can continue to grow. The pressure to know enhanced through collaboration."

These days, my best collaboration comes from the Spiritual Realm and I am including a beautiful prayer that arrived in my email today (thank you, Chris!):

O Birther! Father-Mother of the Cosmos, you create all that moves in light.

Unite our “I can” to yours, so that we walk as kings and queens with every creature.

Grant what we need each day in bread and insight.

Forgive our hidden past, the secret shames, as we consistently forgive what others hide.

Deceived neither by the outer nor the inner — free us to walk your path with joy.

From you is born all ruling will, the power and life to do, the song that beautifies all from age to age it renews.

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