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Patriot's Day

It's Monday, April 19th; a '1'day, numerologically (have you thought about what you'd like to start for the next week or so?) and we've moved from 'flower' to 'gray,' biodynamically. Tomorrow is a 'leaf' day.

Today has felt a bit strange, honestly, with a quick snapshot from Z of the tremendous influx of energy coming in this morning.

I was grateful to have gotten the bathroom primed before Brandon arrived, so I could leave him to finish the tiling.

With dark clouds looming, I headed out to see what was going to be next on the garden clean-up list.

I managed to get one load of firewood stacked before it started raining, so I came in - to build bridges.

Three of them, to be precise.

Is this a great metaphor, or what?

As I worked, I listened to some shows; including a video that Cal recommended, because I've not spent much attention for the last few days on what's going on in the 'news'...although this was good.

By the time I finished assembling two bridges, the sun was out again and I got the rest of the wood stacked and some raking in.

Being outside definitely allows me to hold the high frequency needed to anchor in and assimilate this energy!

Here we are with two Lines for Gate 3:

“Line 4 - Charisma

Innate quality which attracts valued guidance.

Exaltation: Psychic attunement that magnetizes nurturing. A psychic energy which attracts nourishment and ensures ordering.

Line 5 - Victimization

When actions designed to overcome confusion alienate others.

Exaltation: The courage to stand by one's convictions. The unique energy of individuality to withstand confusion.”

What will this look like considering this week is ‘The Cult of Collectivity,’ I wonder?

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