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It's Wednesday, June 10th. It's a "Root Day,' which means I will be doing a bit of transplanting. Somehow, all of the daffodils have multiplied to the point where they can be moved around a bit -shared in other parts of the garden.

As I'm looking at my to-do list, I see another chicken-scratch sketch in my notebook, reminding me of a video I watched the other day by Magenta Pixie (a fellow redhead).

You know what they say about redheads, yes?

I like to say, "it's an outward manifestation of an inner condition."

As I was listening to her speaking, I flashed to June 2, when I noticed on Instagram that I had received a photo - of blackness. Do you remember that day? Did you see any of them?

Honestly, my first thought was that this person hadn't realized that something was wrong with their photos, before posting....until I realized it was: #Blackout Tuesday

And then, when I realized folks were posting such photos globally and intentionally, I got a sinking feeling in my stomach. I couldn't even explain it at the time.

It wasn't until I heard Pixie talking about her dream - and recalled her book - that it all made sense.

If we are drawn into participating in something that is ultimately not in alignment with our (personal and collective) Highest Identity and purpose, we are unconsciously giving away our power. Even when we think something is for a good cause - it is granting permission at some level to have our energy vampirically siphoned for another agenda. Does that sound a bit extreme? Or crazy, even?

The character Cypher, in the movie 'Matrix' (truly one of my all-time favorite films!), decided he wanted to re-enter the Matrix, because 'ignorance is bliss' and he just wanted to enjoy his (pretend) steak. He knew that he was selling out and betraying his friends, but the seduction of the illusion was too great. Do you remember that scene?

I can't go back to not knowing, ignoring the images I've seen, the testimonies I've heard, and the experiences I've had. These days, I trust my heart to let me know when my actions will perpetuate a Matrix-type illusion - and how to vigilantly safeguard my sacred energy.

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