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It's 11.13.20, specifically, Friday the 13th.

Are you superstitious? Do you know why folks have a fear of the number 13 (which is the definition of the above word, by the way: fear of Friday the 13th)?

Perhaps I have a sense of dread because it's so dark, cold, and rainy. It could also be that I have an instructor breathing down my neck for an assignment due this weekend.

It could also be that we are in the middle of the most intense spiritual battle for our souls and most folks are completely unaware?

These days I am inclined to be pretty conscientious of how and where I 'spend' my awareness (energy), which has true value and worth, as a creator...

So, I especially love it when a random, out-of-the-blue surprise arrives to lift my spirits: my very own Nessie ladle and Mamma Nessie Colander!

(Thank you, Suzanne & Bob! I just love them!!)

It was good to have some distraction in between serious bouts of writing, too.

Do you build in a buffer, for yourself, when you have deadlines?

This evening, I had a chance to review all of the ideas that had been floating around, so I could get them anchored.

With so much information coming out right now, from so many sources it can be overwhelming - how are you deciding what resonates as relevant?

It was another fun surprise to have Sue come and work with me on writing...I realize (again!) that as a generator, incoming information flows best when I am 'in response.'

I also shared some info I had heard during an interview with Judith D. Schartz on the Living Earth Action Group's Zoom call, who talked about the

'Business Model with 4 Returns':

  1. Financial

  2. Nature

  3. Social Capital (Health)

  4. Inspiration

Isn't that a win/win/win/win??

My kind of proposition!

Now - it's time to wrap this day up...

There will be plenty of time for more information and insight tomorrow.

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