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Ominous, Onymous, Omnious

It's Saturday, August 7th. Biodynamically, we have moved into a 'leaf' day; numerologically, today is a '2' day - a day to be kind and considerate of others. What would this world look like, if we all behaved kindly and considerately for even one day?

I do wish I were always in a place of kindness in my heart. Sometimes, though, I have to choose - like right here: do I allow the tent caterpillars to live? Or take them down, so my tree has a better chance?

While this might be the extent of ominous in my environment, it's easy to forget there are really ominous things going on; like bodies being incorporated (literally - that means embodied!) into cement.

Whatever do we do with this information?!

And what do we do, when there's a feeling of dread - and we don't know why?

A lot of folks are experiencing this as nausea. It's unnamed, unidentified, anonymous...the opposite of onymous, which means 'named').

I read a great piece sent from Suze, which reminded me of a post I wrote over the past year...mentioning Shirley Jackson's short story: The Lottery.

It's good to remember that "if I can name it, I can claim it." Then...I can clear or change it!

Today we're in "Gate 7.3:

Line 3 - The anarchist

The rejection of any institutionalized order.

Exaltation: The constant need for change no matter what the prevailing conditions. The drive of the Self to express many roles.

Detriment: The nihilist. The capacity of the Self to deny value in any role"

Which leads me to remember that God is an omnious being: "omni-present; omnipotent; omnibenevolent; omniscient; omnificent".

Ultimately, I know that all that has been ominous will be named, and addressed - as nothing is separate in this omnious existence.

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