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Noticing Patterns

I woke up this morning, Sunday, March 29th, to a download of information coming in so fast, I had all I could do to grab my notebook and start writing. Coming out of the hypnogogic state is always when my veil is most thin and insights are clear and powerful! I scribbled down a few notes and then realized I was also hearing the sound of rain. Another cozy day inside.

After making tea, I glanced at the lovely card Janet dropped off yesterday:

Beautiful, huh?

This message is so perfect for all of us right now.

And of course, this is also relevant, as we navigate into the next six days with Gene Key 21. Are you familiar with the Gene Keys? (I LOVE THIS BOOK!!) There is a newer edition out now. I love my edition, though - check out the familiar image:

Yup! It's another dragonfly! What does that mean? Maybe you have the Animal Spirit Guides book by Steven Farmer. The major meanings of dragonfly that jumped out today were:

  • 'Be on the lookout for any falsehoods, deceit, or illusions that are clouding a current situation or relationship.

  • This is a time when the magic and mystery of life is reawakening for you.

  • More than simply a change, you're going through a major transformation, so enjoy the process!' (p.113)

Wow, huh?

Are you aware of all of the behind-the-scenes happenings that are going on right now in the world?

Can you feel the magic?

Do you see how this 'major transformation' means a chance to explore a new way of being?

Today we are also moving into Gene Key 21 for the next 6 days.

If you have never explored the Gene Keys - this is a great time!

The 21st Gene Key starts right out with the shadow: Control. We are looking at "The Demise of Hierarchy." The 'Gift' is then: Authority and from there, we move to the 'Siddhi': Valour.

Wishing you continued love, comfort and strength!

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