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I found myself tearful today, Monday, July 6th. It was a funny, unexpected moment, as I realized that it is necessary to 'feel the feels' when they show up - even when it defies logic. Has that happened recently for you?

As we move into Gate 53, Gate of Beginnings, Transition and Change, the Human Design theme of Line 1 is:

"dissolution of old forms but not at the expense of valued components that will be retained and transformed. The pressure to begin something new, not from scratch but based on the foundation of the old...."

Which means what? Knowing what and how to let go. What does that look like?

Sometimes it's an idea, a memory, a thing...

Today, it seemed to be a feeling that accompanied a renovation project to lighten things up. Consciously, I know that means change: I am all for it!

Yet as I looked at the markings on the door frame, recalling how thrilled the boys were to mark their growth from 2000 - 2008, I felt the tears. I was grateful Janet held space for me to feel so deeply.

(The boys would be rolling their eyes at me, I'm sure...I'm not a mushy mother!)

Somehow, I feel this happening at a collective level, too. There's no going back. Which really is a good thing. (Especially after finding and re-reading these German picturebooks from ages ago - some of those stories are terrifying!)

Richard Rudd shares this about Gene Key 53 (Shadow: Immaturity - Gift: ExpansionSiddhi: Superabundance) in the 64 Ways:

"The Gift of Expansion is about the expansion of awareness, love, and creativity, and those three together create a perfect harmony. Awareness without love can be cruel, love without awareness can be painful, and creativity without love can be reckless. Expansion really refers to a ripening of our spirit. When our spirit ripens, our life tends to move naturally towards balance."

Before beginning this creative venture, I'm grateful for the awareness of how much love (and memories) this home has held, holds....and always will.

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