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It's Monday, June 28th. It's a '3' day numerologically (did you wear yellow?) and a 'flower' day, biodynamically. Today was a long drive to my next Geomancy location: New Jersey.

Chris asked if these friends who had invited me knew there would be some land- clearing/-healing - or if they all just thought they were on vacation? Ha!

It was confirmation when I finally arrived carrying stones from Maine, Rhode Island and Vermont - and Elke told me she had felt this, too.

The evening walk on the beach was lovely - and one component of clearing energy was activated.

Interestingly, the same color swirls I had experienced 'as a gas,' were experienced by William. The toning will likely happen later tonight?

We're heading out in just a bit...into the dark.

It's good to have an awareness of this week's planetary energy and working with today's "Gate 52.4 - Fixed and focused energy is key today- Self-discipline Exaltation: Perfected self-discipline and restraint that deals easily and wisely with impulsive temptations. The energy for restraint which recognizes the value of stillness and focus."

Perfect balance of work and fun.

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