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New x New = News

Happy Friday, February 5th. Biodynamically, we've moved out of our 'flower' morning and into 'leaf' afternoon. It's a '3' day - wear yellow and be happy!

Finally, we've moved into Line 5 of Gate 13:Line 5 - The saviour "The ability to overcome all obstacles for the betterment of humanity. Exaltation: The charismatic genius who can find a role for everyone. The listener that has a gift for finding a role for others."

Accompanying this info are some fun illustrations by Helen Oxenbury...because it's important to keep things light-hearted, right?

Because, from the sound of things, there will be some incoming NEWS.

Many folks who have been reading this blog - and watching the embedded links - know that I have not bothered watching the main stream media, since I realized that it was part of the Operation Mockingbird propaganda machine.

Between that and Youtube's censorship of other digital soldiers/citizen reporters, it's been hard to know what exactly is going on...

Apparently, tonight, that may change?

Hurry up and wait and see, right?

Listening to Charlie & Nick was pretty informative...with some hopeful news that truth might actually be forthcoming. Tonight!

So...if you are awake, great!

You'll know to have snacks, as this is more of the (ongoing) show.

If you were not fully aware (in denial, in cognitive dissonance, or just a kind, trusting individual that has been asleep up til now)

maybe this will be the beginning of bringing the corruption to light....

Because, it is time for all of us "to overcome all obstacles for the betterment of humanity."

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