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New Moon in Newport

It's Tuesday, May 11, 2021 - so in one sense, it's like a palindrome: 5/11/5. That makes it a '3' day, numerologically (did you wear yellow?); biodynamically, it's still a 'fruit' day.

It's also a New Moon in Taurus. If there's anything I can say about this energy, it's that it's grounded, practical, and forceful.

My astrology friend Lisa writes: "This births a period of fertility and intuitive sensitivity that is cyclically a time of endings that make way for new beginnings. It is the time of month to sow seeds for future prosperity.

Taurus=money=investments is changing. Whether we like it or not, humanity is on the precipice of a new gold standard."

Along with endings (to make room for beginnings) was a trip out to the lighthouse for geomancy. This included serious singing/toning/tuning/'ohming', as well as ancestral clearing around the inability to recognize detrimental consequences resulting from premature (uniformed) choices/decisions.

We had amazing assistance from Beyond (thank you, Rose!) and from the Element of Wind/Air.

Lisa further shared: "It is the realm of the unconscious (Moon) that houses our Soul's deepest desire to evolve.

This New Moon brings to the forefront the need to heal primal wounds, triggered throughout our daily life, that are currently becoming more activated by circumstances within society.

The challenges ahead, as we imagine our way forward, is to learn to fully embody our existence as a sovereign Being that is a reflection of our Source. Utilize the prevailing magic to lay down the blueprint for a new way of accessing and reflecting your inner Sun light, in order to make the most of this amazing time on Earth."

Today is "Gate 23: Line 3 - Individuality Independent expression that is not by its nature detrimental to others. Exaltation: Vitality and personal power that can engender jealousy but not threat. Individual expression which attracts attention but not threat."

Perfect to remember that everyone is needed to bring their gifts and talents to the table, as this Gate is where 'inspiration as inner knowing is finally translated into language. Its amorality, acceptance of diversity, and ability to cut through mental intolerance' opens the way for change.

Did you take a few moments today to honor the endings? To make a list of what you're ready to expand?

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