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New Moon 8.8

It's Sunday, August 8th - a '3' day, numerologically (Party Time!!) and a 'leaf' day, biodynamically (this morning) moving into 'fruit' this evening.

This is a powerful day in many respects - not only is it a New Moon, it is also celebrated as Lion's Gate.

There are a few folks out there who have great astrological info, including Lena: "Consider and ask yourself how your management team of Curiosity, Optimism, Creativity and Humor can support you during this New Moon."

And Cal Garrison: "It is the Lammas cross quarter and the Sun and the Moon will be in Leo until about 10:30 pm on August 9th. I don’t need to tell you that this is an intense time – anyone can feel it – and it isn’t just about the summer heat, and the intense light, and the extreme weather that Mother Nature is using to show us who’s boss."

As I was preparing everything for today's Clearing Circle, I realized there was a little black raincloud over the top of the barn...and I wondered briefly if we would need to move the Clearing Circle inside.

Short answer - yes!

It started pouring to the degree that everything was saturated.

Folks arrived and we went upstairs to sit around the Core Harmonizer. The intensity of issues to clear showed up physically as a stifling heat and fatigue - I felt hot, sticky, & sweaty.

It took this powerful group a double round to get everything cleared (and thank you to those of you, who identified issues and sent in things that you had been noticing. Did you feel a shift?)

Things cooled off, the sun came out, and we made a list of wishes for ourselves and each other. What an amazing time to be alive here on this planet - working collectively with powerful, awakened people!

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