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It's Tuesday, May 18, 2021. It's a '1' day, numerologically (did you wear red? Start a new project or set an intention?); biodynamically, it was a 'leaf' day, again today.

I woke feeling nauseous and ravenous...and received a psychic message to clear:'institutional betrayal,' and 'betrayal trauma.' After writing that down, I packed up to head out.

I skipped my usual route, choosing not to follow the very slow horse trailer; driving through Manchester, instead. Imagine my surprise, when driving past Mrs. Murphy's I found myself doing a U-Turn to get doughnuts!

This struck me as very out of character - and yet the people in the shop were kind, mask-free, and good-humored...and these days I am all about supporting these traits!

Continuing on, I realized this was going to be a powerful energy session - and the doughnuts were needed on multiple levels.

Sure enough, when I arrived home, I discovered evidence of merged timelines; opening the junk drawer to locate a binder clip, I found three measuring tapes.

I'm usually happy when I can find one - let alone three!

The afternoon did not slow down - and one insight after another showed up. This one was fascinating, too:

'the capacity to recognize how and when to override (muscle/emotional/religious/etc.) programming.'


Especially now, if folks equate wearing masks with safety...

When a theme, concept, and/or pattern shows up in multiple ways (or with different people) it's a good clue for me to pay attention!

So, today is Gate 8:Line 4 - Respect "The gift of naturally recognizing the contributions of others and particularly, the acknowledgement of those who lead by example. Exaltation: The uncompromizing drive to assimilate. The drive to contribute and be an example to and for others."

I'm grateful for the insights of everyone I connected and worked with today - It's such confirmation to find others, like Laura Van Tyne, working on the same level.

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