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It's Friday, May 7th, 2021. Numerologically, it's an '8' day (can feel yourself being powerful and prosperous?) and biodynamically, it's a 'leaf' day (through tomorrow night)

I was up early making a variation on Vichysoisse for tonight's potluck and had just finished cutting up some brush when Mike arrived.

He drove from Newport, NH. to take me back to pick up my car. Today. As he drove, I enjoyed hearing a bit about his life.

It was great fun to figure out what we had in common:

  • a sense of freedom and justice

  • common sense (did you know that it is illegal in NH to carry a gun while wearing a mask? Pretty logical, right?)

  • strong work ethic/entrepreneurial mindset

  • a childhood that encouraged (forced?) independence at an early age

Then he shared some tidbits about his hobbies (and the reason he wanted me to have my car today...)

Apparently tomorrow, he has 200 people arriving to go mudbogging on his property.

I marveled at what looked to me like a piece of modern sculpture, which was actually, in fact, his spare truck engine.

By the time I got home, I still had a little time to get the lawn mowed and weed-whacked before the Fun Friday event.

Turns out, this evening was another opportunity to stay flexible: the scheduled program was replaced by Tony's tales of vision quests, tracking, and survival training with Tom Brown. Fascinating!

So...we've made it to "Gate 2: Line 5 - Intelligent application Exaltation: The strategist with Mercury exalted. Reasoned management of resources. Higher knowing as a gift for strategy. Detriment: The inability to share responsibility or recognize the abilities of others. Higher knowing as an exclusively individual and selfish process."

Without a doubt, this has been a day of exaltation, about for you?

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