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Moot? Mute?

It's Tuesday, August 10th. Biodynamically, it's a 'fruit' day (I was so happy to get to picking some blueberries!) and numerologically, it's a '5' day (welcoming change & rejoicing in the new).

It was another catch-up day for me in more than one you feel time flying, too?

Additionally, things are happening quickly on so many levels: information coming out about the non-effective shots, the major election fraud that Mike Lindell is sharing (live!), the Nesara/Gesara disclosure (thanks for sharing those links, Cal!), and questions about the Emergency Broadcasting System 'Test' that is to occur tomorrow.

When I get overwhelmed, I default to the garden - most often to weed.

Virgos love things to be (mostly) orderly .

As I listened to these podcasts and videos, I was again frustrated with YouTube, FaceBook, and other social media platforms who are muting truthspeakers.

Then I remember that it really doesn't matter what happens 'out there;' it's a moot point.

Isn't it interesting to consider that 'moot point' means both: "A debatable question, an issue open to argument;" and simultaneously: "an irrelevant question, a matter of no importance"?

Today, too, we are moving into "Gene Key 4: Forgiveness - A Universal Panacea;

(Shadow) Intolerance – (Gift)Understanding – (Siddhi)Forgiveness."

Rudd shares this quote: 'Forgiveness is Freedom.'

Interestingly, Human Design has us finishing "Gate 7.6: The Army Role of the Self in Interaction The Elected Leader The point of convergence. By design, the need for leadership to guide and order society. Established proven patterns lead us into the future; Left Angle Cross of Masks 2

Line 6 - The administrator The ability to share and justly apportion power. Exaltation: The power to communicate the frameworks of responsibility. The capacity of the Self through its role to communicate responsibility."

I'm currently waiting to hear Mike's 'Big Reveal.'

How is this story going to play out?

How are the 400,000+ viewers going to respond? It's a really good story, huh?

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